Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Being released the week of July 16th.

Up Close and Dangerous: A Novel by Linda Howard.
The Devil's Labyrinth: A Novel by John Saul.
The Water's Lovely by Ruth Rendell.
The Tin Roof Blowdown by James Lee Burke.
What Matters Most by Luanne Rice.
Someone to Love by Jude Devereaux.
Eye of the Beholder by David Ellis.

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Anonymous said...

The ISBN for Devil's Labrynth is entered incorrectly. The correct ISBN is 9780345487032.
The corrected link is http://ibistro.libraryconnection.info/uhtbin/cgisirsi/FARMINGTON/x/0/5?searchdata1=9780345487032&library=FRMGTNLIBS&user_id=FARMJOINTPUB&password=public

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