Monday, October 29, 2007

MP3 Players!

This weekend while working the Information Services Desk upstairs, I had several requests for books on CD. Now, we have tons of great titles of books on CD, but we also have another really great way to listen to books electronically..... Through MP3 Players!!!

It's really cool, you pick a title from our catalog and we download that title on to an MP3 player you can check out for 2 weeks. You can fast forward, go backwards, and save your place. Just come upstairs to the Information Services Desk and we can show you how to search for titles or even download a book for you on the spot. The MP3 audio books are great for Teens who are required to read several titles a month and need a little extra help getting through a novel. Also, when an MP3 audio book is listened to while following the text of a book, the combination of print and audio can reinforce phonetic literacy skills which can raise your reading level!

Its a great resource that the library has to offer so come upstairs and ask about them so we can get you set up!

Teen Services Librarian Emily!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Such enthusiasm! And another reason to justify buying an iPhone - the king of all MP3 players!

Anonymous said...

Except, the downloadable audiobooks don;t work on any Apple ipod thanks to the company's refusal to allow .wma applications on their hardware.