Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Electronic Databases @ the Library

As the Teen Librarian I spend a lot of time blogging about programs, book reviews and homework help links. I don't get to spend much time blogging about 'referency' things like electronic databases and online resources that the Farmington Library has to offer. Here are a few that are really cool:

Historical Hartford Courant & Historical New York Times
Search historical editions of these newspapers. Read articles from as far back as 1764 and use them for genealogy research!

New England Ancestors.org
Search this database for information about New England families and communities.

These are just a few of the awesome databases and electronic resources that we have to offer at the Farmington Library. You will need a library card to access these resources from home, or from any of our library computers. Don't forget to let your friendly librarian know if you have any questions!!!

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