Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Books out Apr 15th...

The Miracle Letters Of T. Rimberg by Herbach, Geoff.
The Genius by Kellerman, Jesse.
Arnie and Jack by O'Connor, Ian.
Peace by Bausch, Richard.
Antiques to Die For by Cleland, Jane K..
Hold Tight by Coben, Harlan.
Practically Perfect by Fforde, Katie.
People of the Weeping Eye by Gear, W. Michael.
Cheating at Solitaire by Haddam, Jane.
The Sudoku Puzzle Murders by Hall, Parnell.
Mummy Dearest by Hess, Joan.
Secrets of the Hollywood Girls Club by Marr, Maggie.
The Miracle at Speedy Motors by McCall Smith, Alexander.
Friday Nights by Trollope, Joanna.
The Romanov Bride by Alexander, Robert.
Grand Theft Childhood by Kutner, Lawrence.
Empty Ever After by Coleman, Reed Farrel.
Waterloo Sunset by Edwards, Martin.
The Ginseng Hunter by Talarigo, Jeff.
Pure Goldwater by Dean, John W..
Why Spy? by Hitz, Frederick.
Invisible Nation by Lawrence, David Aquila.
All Hands Down by Sewell, Kenneth.
The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher by Summerscale, Kate.
A Summer of Hummingbirds by Benfey, Christopher.
The Candy Bombers by Cherny, Andrei.

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