Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Out April 28th...

Escape by Tanenbaum, Robert K.
A Wolf at the Table by Burroughs, Augusten.
In Milton Lumky Territory by Dick, Philip K..
The Demon of Dakar by Eriksson, Kjell.
Grill It! by Flay, Bobby.
Days of Infamy by Gingrich, Newt.
The Story of a Marriage by Greer, Andrew Sean.
Right Is Wrong by Huffington, Arianna.
Quiver by Leonard, Peter.
Sundays at Tiffany's by Patterson, James.
The Crystal Skull by Scott, Manda.
The Mercy Oak by Wall, Kathryn R..
The Lady Elizabeth by Weir, Alison.
Blood Alley by Coffey, Thomas.
By Hook or By Crook by Crystal, David.
Belong to Me by De los Santos, Marisa.
The Plague of Doves by Erdrich, Louise.
Bulls Island by Frank, Dorothea Benton.
Enlightenment by Freely, Maureen.
Careless in Red by George, Elizabeth.
From Dead To Worse by Harris, Charlaine.
The Girl with no Shadow by Harris, Joanne.
Comfort Food by Jacobs, Kate.
The House on Fortune Street by Livesey, Margot.
Twenty Wishes by Macomber, Debbie.
Poisoned Tarts by McKevett, G. A..
The Host by Meyer, Stephenie.
The Angel by Neggers, Carla.
YOU by Oz, Mehmet, M.D..
The Body in the Gallery by Page, Katherine Hall.
What Now? by Patchett, Ann.
Life Beyond Measure by Poitier, Sidney.
The Art of Racing in the Rain by Stein, Garth.
Boots on the Ground by Dusk by Tillman, Mary.
Forget Me Not by Lowe-anker, Jennifer.
Lonely Planet Egypt by Firestone, Matthew (EDT).
Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains by Hargan, Jim.
Lonely Planet Sicily by Vesna, Maric (EDT).
Lonely Planet New England Regional Guide by Vorhees, Mara.
Chez Moi by Desarthe, Agnes.
Fallen by Lebbon, Tim.
The Sea of Lost Love by Montefiore, Santa.
Child 44 by Smith, Tom Rob.
The Lolita Effect by Durham, Gigi.
Head Wounds by Knopf, Chris.
Lost by Kray, Roberta.
Yes, You're Pregnant, But What About Me? by Nealon, Kevin.
Escape from the Deep by Kershaw, Alex.
Gandhi & Churchill by Herman, Arthur.
A Voyage Long and Strange by Horwitz, Tony.
Franklin And Lucy by Persico, Joseph.
Brotherhood of Warriors by Cohen, Aaron.
While America Aged by Lowenstein, Roger.
Palestine Inside Out by Makdisi, Saree.
Living Jewish Life Cycle by Milgram, Goldie.
Iwo Jima by Smith, Larry.
Counselor by Sorensen, Ted.
The Age of Reagan by Wilentz, Sean.

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