Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Books out Next Week...Sept 2.

The House at Sugar Beach by Cooper, Helene.
Black Tower by Bayard, Louis.
Doggie Day Care Murder by Berenson, Laurien.
Angel's Tip by Burke, Alafair.
Sweetsmoke by Fuller, David.
Death Books a Return by Hill, Marion Moore.
The Laughter of Dead Kings by Peters, Elizabeth.
Anathem by Stephenson, Neal.
The Wasted Vigil by Aslam, Nadeem.
Nothing to Be Frightened of by Barnes, Julian.
The Matters at Mansfield by Bebris, Carrie.
Sweetheart by Cain, Chelsea.
Blood Memory by Coel, Margaret.
Harry S. Truman by Dallek, Robert.
Sinner by Dekker, Ted.
Black Ship by Dunn, Carola.
Dark Curse by Feehan, Christine.
Icarus At The Edge Of Time by Greene, Brian.
The Whiskey Rebels by Liss, David.
The Book of Lies by Meltzer, Brad.
The First Billion Is The Hardest by Pickens, T. Boone.
Home by Robinson, Marilynne.
American Wife by Sittenfeld, Curtis.
The Scourge of God by Stirling, S. M..
Click by Tancer, Bill.
Supreme Courtship by Buckley, Christopher.
The Heretic's Daughter by Kent, Kathleen.
Noah by Frank, Jacquelyn.
Left to Die by Jackson, Lisa.
The Edge of Desire by Laurens, Stephanie.
8 Sandpiper Way by Macomber, Debbie.
Final Justice by Michaels, Fern.
Cold Hearted by Barton, Beverly.
Takeover by Black, Lisa.
Midnight on Mourn Street by Conlon, Christopher.
IN HOVERING FLIGHT by Hinnefeld, Joyce.
City of Refuge by Piazza, Tom.
Driftless by Rhodes, David.
Crime by Welsh, Irvine.
Only the Lonely by Zebrun, Gary.
Godchildren by Coleridge, Nicholas.
Always Look Twice by Dawson, Geralyn.
Red Knife by Krueger, William Kent.
The Bell at Sealey Head by McKillip, Patricia A..
Southern Poison by Ocean, T. Lynn.
Wedding Belles by Smith, Haywood.
Stamped Out by Thayer, Terri.
Leonard Bernstein by Bernstein, Burton.
Karen Brown's 2009 Ireland by Brown, June Eveleigh.
Karen Brown's 2009 New England by Brown, Karen.
Epilogue by Roiphe, Anne Richardson.
Untitled on Bush by Woodward, Bob.
Frommer's 2009 Florida by Abravanel, Lesley.
Frommer's 2009 Costa Rica by Greenspan, Eliot.
Frommer's 2009 San Diego by Hiss, Mark.
Ceremonial Violence by Fast, Jonathan.
Bush v. Gore by Zelden, Charles L..

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