Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Books out Feb 23rd-27th...

Heart and Soul by Binchy, Maeve.
August Heat by Camilleri, Andrea.
How to Become Enlightened by Dalai Lama XIV.
Fault Line by Eisler, Barry.
The Sign by Khoury, Raymond.
American Rust by Meyer, Philipp.
Night and Day by Parker, Robert B..
The Geometry of Sisters by Rice, Luanne.
Promises in Death by Robb, J. D..
The Secret Adventures of Charlotte Bronte by Rowland, Laura Joh.
One Day at a Time by Steel, Danielle.
Sonata for Miriam by Olsson, Linda.
The Caryatids by Sterling, Bruce.
Numbers by Dane, Dana.
1942 by Conroy, Robert.
The Lost City of Z by Grann, David.
Death of a Witch by Beaton, M. C..
Almost Single by Kala, Advaita.
Fatal Lies by Tallis, Frank.
Flannery by Gooch, Brad.
Versed by Armantrout, Rae.
A Course Called Ireland by Coyne, Tom.
Countdown To Valkyrie by Jones, Nigel.
Einstein's Telescope by Gates, Evalyn.

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