Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Books Out April 6th...

Wormwood by Albert, Susan Wittig.
Borderline by Barr, Nevada.
Turn Coat by Butcher, Jim.
The Lost Quilter by Chiaverini, Jennifer.
Cursed by Clark, Carol Higgins.
Just Take my Heart by Clark, Mary Higgins.
The Deen Family Cookbook by Deen, Paula.
Madison Avenue Shoot by Fletcher, Jessica.
The End of The Road by Henry, Sue.
Before You Do Reflections by Jakes, T. D..
How It Ended by McInerney, Jay.
The Forgotten Garden by Morton, Kate.
The Fortunate Age by Smith Rakoff, Joanna.
Rewriting Monday by Thomas, Jodi.
About Face by Leon, Donna.
Laura Rider's Masterpiece by Hamilton, Jane.
The Last Secret by Morris, Mary McGarry.
Everything Hurts by Scheft, Bill.
Master the GMAT (CD) 2010 by Stewart, Mark a.
The Soul of Medicine by Nuland, Sherwin.

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