Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New titles Out 3/17/09...

Smooth Talking Stranger by Kleypas, Lisa.
Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned by Tower, Wells.
Mere Anarchy by Bonanno, Margaret Wander.
The Expediter by Hagberg, David.
A Date You Can't Refuse by Kozak, Harley Jane.
The Last Dickens by Pearl, Matthew.
Where Did Pluto Go? by Sutherland, Paul.
Broken Wing by Lakeman, Thomas.
One Second After by Forstchen, William R..
In a Gilded Cage by Bowen, Rhys.
A Quiet Flame by Kerr, Philip.
Grave Goods by Franklin, Ariana.
Through Black Spruce by Boyden, Joseph.
Achieving High Performance by Not Available (NA).
The Sisters Antipodes by Alison, Jane.
Stalking the Red Bear by Sasgen, Peter.
The Third Reich at War by Evans, Richard J..
Top 10 Las Vegas by Dorling Kindersley, Inc..

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