Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Books Out Next Week, May 11th...

Busted by Andrews, Edmund L..
Girl Who Chased the Moon by Allen, Sarah Addison.
Cold Choices by Bond, Larry.
Sanctuary by Bruen, Ken.
Gold of Kings by Bunn, T. Davis.
A Trace of Smoke by Cantrell, Rebecca.
Alexandria by Davis, Lindsey.
The Last Child by Hart, John.
Jelly's Gold by Housewright, David.
Marine One by Huston, James W..
Whispered Lies by Kenyon, Sherrilyn.
Strong Enough to Die by Land, Jon.
The Stalin Epigram by Littell, Robert.
The Way Home by Pelecanos, George P..
Cemetery Dance by Preston, Douglas.
Wicked Prey by Sandford, John.
Where Did You Sleep Last Night? by Senna, Danzy.
Assegai by Smith, Wilbur A..
Resilience by Edwards, Elizabeth.
Peterson's Master the GRE 2010 by Stewart, Mark a.
Ardent Spirits by Price, Reynolds.
How Rome Fell by Goldsworthy, Adrian.
It's Not That I'm Bitter by Barreca, Gina.
Soldier from the War Returning by Childers, Thomas.
The Food of a Younger Land by Kurlansky, Mark.
The American Crucible by Blackburn, Robin.

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