Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July Books at the Library

Best Seller/Fiction

The Alchemy of Color Knitting by Wilde, Gina.
The Fixer Upper by Andrews, Mary Kay.
Return to Sullivans Island by Frank, Dorothea Benton.
All the Dead Voices by Hughes, Declan.
The Doomsday Key by Rollins, James.
Dead Man's Wharf by Rowson, Pauline.
Take Two by Kingsbury, Karen.
The Scoop by Michaels, Fern.
Happiness Key by Richards, Emilie.
Blotto, Twinks, and the Ex-king's Daughter by Brett, Simon.
Murder on a Midsummer Night by Greenwood, Kerry.
The Penny Pinchers Club by Strohmeyer, Sarah.
Cherry Bomb by Konrath, J. A..
Royal Flush by Bowen, Rhys.
Wireless by Stross, Charles.
Hope in a Jar by Harbison, Beth.
The Castaways by Hilderbrand, Elin.
Greedy Bones by Haines, Carolyn.
The Husband Habit by Valdes-Rodriguez, Alisa.
The Magician's Death by Doherty, P. C..
Exiles in the Garden by Just, Ward.
Shadow of Betrayal by Battles, Brett.
The Shimmer by Morrell, David.
Summer Knight by Butcher, Jim.
The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder by Wells, Rebecca.
There's Something About St. Tropez by Adler, Elizabeth.
A Happy Marriage by Yglesias, Rafael.
Burn by Howard, Linda.
Eye of the Storm by Ringo, John.
Black Hills by Roberts, Nora.
House Secrets by Lawson, Mike.
The Big Steal by Jenkins, Emyl.
Persona Non Grata by Downie, Ruth.
Last Light over Carolina by Monroe, Mary Alice.
Missing Mark by Kramer, Julie.
In the Heart of the Canyon by Hyde, Elisabeth.
Rain Gods by Burke, James Lee.
Undone by Slaughter, Karin.
The Best of Times by Vincenzi, Penny.
Guardian of Lies by Martini, Steve.
Sacred Hearts by Dunant, Sarah.
The Moon Looked Down by Garlock, Dorothy.
Get Real by Westlake, Donald E..
The Devil's Queen by Kalogridis, Jeanne.
Death's Head by Gunn, David.
Storm Cycle by Johansen, Iris.
By Heresies Distressed by Weber, David.
Trust Me by Abbott, Jeff.
Emily's Ghost by Giardina, Denise.
Now & Then by Sheehan, Jacqueline.
Mortal Friends by Hitchcock, Jane Stanton.
June Bug by Fabry, Chris.
Duchess of Death by Hack, Richard.
Huge by Fuerst, James W..
The Unscratchables by Kane, Cornelius.
The House of Lost Souls by Cottam, F. g..
Wildfire by Micklem, Sarah.
The Devil's Company by Liss, David.
Breaking Faith by Blundy, Anna.
The Devil Is a Lie by Billingsley, Reshonda Tate.
Zadayi Red by Fox, Caleb.
Amateur Barbarians by Cohen, Robert.
Drawing in the Dust by Klein, Zoe.
Deadly Intent by La Plante, Lynda.
A Girl Made of Dust by Abi-Ezzi, Nathalie.
How I Became a Famous Novelist by Hely, Steve.
Glover's Mistake by Laird, Nick.
Jericho's Fall by Carter, Stephen L..
Best Friends Forever by Weiner, Jennifer.
Girl in a Blue Dress by Arnold, Gaynor.
Something Missing by Dicks, Matthew.
It's Beginning to Hurt by Lasdun, James.
Faces by Cole, Martina.
Total Immunity by Ward, Robert.
Twenties Girl by Kinsella, Sophie.
The Lost Throne by Kuzneski, Chris.
Bad Things Happen by Dolan, Harry.
Hollywood Is Like High School With Money by Dean, Zoey.
Short Girls by Nguyen, Bich Minh.
Hot Pursuit by Brockmann, Suzanne.
The Girl Who Played With Fire by Larsson, Stieg.
The Informers by Vasquez, Juan Gabriel.

Typeface by Riggs, Tamye.
Woodstock Chronicles by Evans, Mike (EDT).
Provenance by Salisbury, Laney.
The Stolen Voice by McIntosh, Pat.
Rapture by Frank, Jacquelyn.
Woodstock by Littleproud, Brad.
Black Hills by Roberts, Nora.
Swan for the Money by Andrews, Donna.
A Brave Vessel by Woodward, Hobson.
Keep Your Head Down by Anderson, Doug.
No Quarter by Slotkin, Richard.
Lift Every Voice by Sullivan, Patricia.
The Splendor of Roman Wall Painting by Pappalardo, Umberto.

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