Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Materials Out Next Week Sept 22nd... (Including DVDs)

A Drunkard's Path by O'donohue, Clare.
The Owl Killers by Maitland, Karen.
The White Garden by Barron, Stephanie.
Frostbitten by Armstrong, Kelley.
Stardust by Kanon, Joseph.
Whistlin' Dixie in a Nor'easter by Patton, Lisa.
Serpent in the Thorns by Westerson, Jeri.
Dark Mirror by Maitland, Barry.
Generosity by Powers, Richard.
Her Fearful Symmetry by Niffenegger, Audrey.
The Price of Malice by Mayor, Archer.
Blood Safari by Meyer, Deon.
Necessary As Blood by Crombie, Deborah.
Death Message by Billingham, Mark.
A Glass of Water by Baca, Jimmy Santiago.
Manhood for Amateurs by Chabon, Michael.
Midnight Fugue by Hill, Reginald.
Baking by Peterson, James.
To Ask for an Equal Chance by Greenberg, Cheryl Lynn.
Oral History, Oral Culture, and Italian Americans by Luisa, Del Giudice (EDT).
13.5 by Barr, Nevada.
There Goes the Bride by Beaton, M. C..
Capital Offense by Bernhardt, William.
Juliet, Naked by Hornby, Nick.
Blind Eye by Macbride, Stuart.
The Perfect Christmas by Macomber, Debbie.
The Price of Malice by Mayor, Archer.
The Brutal Telling by Penny, Louise.
Rough Country by Sandford, John.
Dark Tiger by Tapply, William G..
Lakeshore Christmas by Wiggs, Susan.
The Wild Things by Eggers, Dave.
Plum Pudding Murder by Fluke, Joanne.
Trick or Treat by Greenwood, Kerry.
The Missing by Lewis, Beverly.
Unseen Academicals by Pratchett, Terry.
The Murder of King Tut by Patterson, James.
Cranioklepty by Dickey, Colin.
The Wrong Mother by Hannah, Sophie.
American Idle by Collins, Mary.


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