Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Books Out Next Week, Oct 13th...

And Another Thing... by Colfer, Eoin.
Budget Weddings for Dummies by Schneider, Meg.
Cheating Death by Gupta, Sanjay.
Cockroach by Hage, Rawi.
New Classic Family Dinners by Peel, M..
America for Sale by Corsi, Jerome R., Ph.D..
Animal Magnetism by Brown, Rita Mae.
Berserker Lord by Farland, David.
Breaking the Rules by Bradford, Barbara Taylor.
Bright-sided by Ehrenreich, Barbara.
Canticle by Scholes, Ken.
Chronic City by Lethem, Jonathan.
D Day by Beevor, Antony.
Deathtroopers by Schreiber, Joe.
Fourth Star by Jaffe, Greg.
Golden Shrine by Turtledove, Harry.
Gorgeous East by Girardi, Robert.
Home for Christmas by Greeley, Andrew M..
House of Reckoning by Saul, John.
Imager's Challenge by Modesitt, L. E.. Jumper Cable by Anthony, Piers.
Loot the Moon by Arsenault, Mark.
Martha Stewart's Dinner at Home by Stewart, Martha.
Mennonite in a Little Black Dress by Janzen, Rhoda.
My Dead Body by Huston, Charlie.
Nine Dragons by Connelly, Michael.
Pursuit of Honor by Flynn, Vince.
Shroud by Robbins, Harold.
Stained Glass by McInerny, Ralph M..
The Christmas Clock by Martin, Kat.
The Christmas Secret by Vanliere, Donna.
The Hadrian Memorandum by Folsom, Allan.
The Man Who Lives With Wolves by Ellis, Shaun.
The Monster in the Box by Rendell, Ruth.
The Sisters Who Would Be Queen by De Lisle, Leanda.
The Violet Hour by Judson, Daniel.
Wolf Hall by Mantel, Hilary.
Women, Work & the Art of Savoir Faire by Guiliano, Mireille.
Final Voyage by Nichols, Peter.
Inside the Kingdom by Lacey, Robert.
Locked in by Muller, Marcia.
The Thirty Years War by Wilson, Peter H..
Whole Earth Discipline by Brand, Stewart.
The Big Burn by Egan, Timothy.

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