Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Books Out Next Week, Oct 20th...

They Dared Return by O'Donnell, Patrick K..
A Christmas Promise by Perry, Anne.
A Creed Country Christmas by Miller, Linda Lael.
Abandoned by McFadyen, Cody.
Angel Time by Rice, Anne.
Ayn Rand and the World She Made by Heller, Anne Conover.
Child Sense by Dunstan, Priscilla J..
Council of the Cursed by Tremayne, Peter.
Cowboys Full by McManus, James.
Earthway by Thurlo, Aimee.
Gathering Storm by Jordan, Robert.
Grave Secret by Harris, Charlaine.
Home in Time for Christmas by Graham, Heather.
Invisible by Auster, Paul.
Last Night in Twisted River by Irving, John.
One Was a Soldier by Spencer-Fleming, Julia.
The Cloud Pavilion by Rowland, Laura Joh.
The Man in the Wooden Hat by Gardam, Jane.
The Shadows of Youth by Lewis, Andrew B..
The Widow's Revenge by Doss, James D..
True Blue by Baldacci, David.
Mrs. O by Tomer, Mary.
Family Album by Lively, Penelope.
Rumpole at Christmas by Mortimer, John.
The Vows of Silence by Hill, Susan.
Encyclopedia of the Israeli-palestinian Conflict by Rubenberg, Cheryl A. (EDT).

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