Thursday, March 25, 2010

Books out March 30...

Bad Samaritan by Thurlo, Aimee.

Silver Borne by Briggs, Patricia.

Pearl of China by Min, Anchee.

31 Bond Street by Horan, Ellen.

Eve by Danielson, Hjalti.

Eat, Sleep, Poop by Cohen, Scott W..

The Barbary Pirates by Dietrich, William.

Without Mercy by Jackson, Lisa.

Deception by Kellerman, Jonathan.

A Matter of Trust by Pilcher, Robin.

Invisible Boy by Read, Cornelia.

A Murderous Procession by Franklin, Ariana.

Devil in the Detail by Curzon, Clare.

Strange Images of Death by Cleverly, Barbara.

The Fallen Kings by Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia.

The Executor by Kellerman, Jesse.

Take Three by Kingsbury, Karen.

The Telling by Lewis, Beverly.

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