Thursday, May 31, 2012

NY Times Best-Selling Author Charlotte Rogan Comes to the Farmington Library

On Wednesday, May 30, Connecticut author Charlotte Rogan visited the Farmington Library to share the story of her book, The Lifeboat, and her twenty-five year journey to publication. Equal parts about the work and the writing process, Ms. Rogan's talk spoke to both the curious readers and writers in attendance.

Writers are often told to write what they know . . . Coming from a family of sailors, she was able to turn her experience on the water into a mesmerizing tale of survival at sea in what Jonathan Raban from the New York Review of Books calls, "one hell of a debut . . ."  After her presentation, Ms Rogan answered the many questions from the aspiring writers in the audience and signed copies of the book.

It was a terrific talk and we were thrilled that she could spend time with us.

This program was made possible by the Friends of the Library.

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