Thursday, July 5, 2012

National Best-Selling Author, Darien Gee, Talks Women's Fiction and the Writing Life

On Tuesday, July 3, national best-selling author, Darien Gee, visited the Farmington Library to talk about the writer's life in general and women's fiction in particular. 

Ms. Gee spent much time in Farmington as a student at Miss Porter's, and she said her experience with both the town and the school inspired many of the life choices she has made since graduating. She sought this "small town" feel in the kind of college she chose, the kind of community where she wanted to live, and the types of settings she gravitates towards when writing her books. 

Women's fiction, she says, are books that focus on the emotional component of the main characters and are about topics that appeal to women. You will not find car chases, massive explosions, or gun fights in a women's fiction book. Most people think of them as beach reads -- relaxing, satisfying books that take the reader on a journey and almost always have a happy ending.  As with most writers, Darien is as much a reader as she is a writer, which has also helped inform her writing process and develop her craft. 

Her novel, Friendship Bread, was released in 2011. Inspired by an Amish sourdough bread starter, it is about life and loss, friendship and community, food and family; Friendship Bread tells the uplifting story of what endures when even the unthinkable happens. The sequel to this novel will be published in spring 2013 by Ballantine Books.

Ms. Gee also writes under the name Mia King, whose books, The Sweet Life, Table Manners, and Good Things, have all made national best-seller lists.  

A fan of libraries since she was a child, Ms. Gee made all of these books available for purchase, the proceeds of which she donated to the library.  We were so pleased to be a part of her Farmington homecoming and thank her for generously donating her time, expertise, and this gift to us. 

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