Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Life Coach Gives Life Lessons @ the Main Library

Last night, Elite Life Coach, Bernadette Bolton, shared tips and advice for dealing with the many sources of stress we all face in our every day lives.

What is a life coach? Just as someone may go to the gym and elicit the help of a personal trainer, a life coach performs a similar function when helping people develop into their full potential. A coach will help you get through the learning curve, help keep you accountable en route to your goals, and serve as a touchstone when seeking direction and advice. A coach will also follow through and help get clients to where they want to be.

Ms. Bolton shared her three elements of success: (1) create clearly defined goals, (2) take personal responsibility for and control of your actions, including decluttering in all areas of life, and (3) maintain a positive attitude.

She shared worksheets and developmental tools with the attendees, all of which should help in taking the first steps to reducing stress in one's life. She urged everyone to change their thinking--to make deliberate choices and do only the things that are in line with your goals. This profound quote struck a chord with everyone in the audience: "If you want something you've never had, you've got to do something you've never done." She encouraged everyone to take the first step--when you do, you learn, making the second step even easier.

Her personal and professional philosophy is: Define it. Design it. Create it. Live it. In last night's presentation, she gave all the attendees takeaways to begin moving their own lives in the directions they seek.

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